Corporate Responsibilities


Corporate Governance & Sustainable Development

NCF recognizes the importance of effective corporate governance and sustainable development and has set up high standards to implement them.

Corporate governance doesn’t only put emphasis on the business risks and company reputation but also on corporate social responsibility towards all stakeholders. For that purpose, we ensure responsible behaviour and transparent management and reporting of all activities.

We believe that our company is able to deliver products and services that will have a positive impact on the future generations and are striving to continuously improve our products and processes (clinker factor, CO2 emissions).



"Land Policy"

"IMS Policy Statement 2022 Ver 11 (Incl Energy)"


Quality & Management System

Our quality management system is the major tool to implement our vision and achieve our mission. As a company, we are permanently developing, implementing and adapting our “integrated management systems” based on the requirements of:

I ISO 45001-2018 Certificates   I     ISO 14001-2015 Certificates    I ISO 9001-2015 Certificates I OHSAS 18001 I

EHSMS regulation of ICAD (industrial city of Abu Dhabi)

"NCF Environmental Targets"



Organisational Health & safety (OH&S) Policy

Organisational Health & safety (OH&S) is a vital part of NCF’s journey towards sustainable development.

There is a continuous effort to measure and improve safety management systems to avoid any kind of incidents or accidents. Safety audits are being carried out at regular intervals for evaluation and improvement.

Local regulations and rules for safety constitute the main guide lines of NCF OH&S policy.

NCF not only applies OH&S standards and guidelines, provides the necessary resources, training and education to its employees, but also measures performance for continuous improvement.

NCF’s 5 safety cardinal rules

  1. Do not override or interfere with any safety provision nor allow anyone else to override or interfere with them.
  2. Personal protective equipment (PPE) rules must be adhered to at all times.
  3. Isolation and lock-out procedures must always be followed.
  4. No person may work if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. All injuries and incidents & near misses must be reported.